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  What our customers say...
Adorable and Super Comfy! April 21, 2017
Reviewer: Asher Franke from Hot Springs, AR United States  
- Vibrancy: 5/5
- Comfort: 5/5
- Enlargement: 5/5
Natural Iris: Pale Blue-Green
In person, the Vassen Lollipop lenses were actually a deeper blue than I expected, but the colors are still incredibly vibrant. I wear them very frequently and, so far, I haven't experienced any discomfort at all! Despite the large diameter, I can't feel them in my eyes whatsoever. As another plus, the black rim around the edges and the yellow-green streaks that form the "lollipop" pattern create a super cute anime effect, so I'm sure that they would be wonderful for cosplay. I suppose the only downside to the lens design is the stark circle at the center for the pupil. Having very light eyes, this makes the set look less natural, but, for a dark eyed person, this opening would simply make the pupil look large and doll-like. :)

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  What our customers say...
Dark blue April 27, 2016
Reviewer: Sweet Angel from Italy  
Nice pattenr but if you have dark eyes, the effect will be darker :(
Medium comfort.

complete review with photos: https://sweetangelcosplay.com/2014/10/24/review-lenti-a-contatto-vassen-lollipop-blue/

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  What our customers say...
It's all in the lighting May 24, 2015
Reviewer: Toni Morgan from Kent, OH United States  
These are honestly amazing!  In sunlight and office light my eyes POP with this ocean blue color, but in my regular yellowed home lighting they appear very dark.  These are super comfortable, I wore them for 8+hours at my home and work and had no problems with them drying out or discomfort.  Shipping was faster than I expected and they arrived in perfect condition! I would definitely recommend these!

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  What our customers say...
cute tho May 13, 2015
Reviewer: magitrash from Yuma, AZ United States  
Lenses look much darker on my eyes than in the image, but they're still cute! However they aren't as comfortable as my other lenses . I was really hoping to get the right blue with these too.

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  What our customers say...
Blue for Light Eyes October 15, 2013
Reviewer: Isabel from FL United States  
These lenses were just as shown in the picture, but what should have been electric blue became murky darkness on my brown eyes, you can tell its blue just from very close up.

The enlargement is considerable, but with my eyes the effect becomes an almost black-out lens straight from a scary movie.

The lenses were easy to apply, comfortable and didn't slide or move about unnaturally.

4/5 stars for bad advertising - If you've got light eyes and want a pop of blue plus enlargement these are it. But if your eyes are dark and you're looking for a colored lens to change that - these aren't for you.

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  What our customers say...
Awesome Lenses! October 20, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I got these lenses delivered today and they are awesome! The comfort is awesome, I couldn't wait to try them on so I didn't soak them in new solution for 8 hours but they didn't burn or anything when I tried it straight from the vials. They're super vibrant, they give your eyes that sparkly look which is really pretty to me! Although, the color turns out a bit darker on my dark brown eyes than in the picture.. Not sure if it's because of my dark eyes that made it darker, or if it's just like that! But the color change isn't a HUGE difference so it still looks really similar to the picture! For those of you who want a vibrant, beautiful, comfortable blue lens, I highly recommend these they're wonderful!!

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