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What is Affiliate?

Affiliate is a system that benefits mutual parties. Recommend someone about our site by asking them to click through ‘affiliate link’ and you will be rewarded with a certain percentage once someone made a purchase! You will receive your very own affiliate link once you join!

Everyone is free to join this affiliate program as long as you have a social network account, be it Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others!

Why affiliate with PinkyParadise?

Why affiliate with PinkyParadise

Simple steps to Register

affiliate signup step

Registering as our customer.

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affiliate signup step

Login as returning customer or Register a new account for new user.

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affiliate signup step

After login as customer, scroll down the website & look for the page 'Affiliate'.

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affiliate signup step

Read the terms & conditions about our affiliate program and press continue at the bottom of the page.

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affiliate signup step

Key in your website address & website category then press continue.

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affiliate signup step

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affiliate signup step

Finished! You can start affiliating! cursor v

What is the commission rate?

10% commission* will be made for the first tier referrals (whoever click through your link and made purchase). 1% commission* based on sales generated by your sub-affiliates. Commissions are based on product purchased, excluding shipping and taxes.

*Commission refer to any sale that has successful payment, Noted that NOT all your affiliate order made the payment to us. Some of them may abandon the cart. We will provide a detail report to let you know which of them made the payment.

What is your affiliate ID?

Your affiliate ID is the figure at the affiliate link.

affiliate ID id
affiliate ID id

What are the payment options?

Skill is the payment method. The minimum payout is gross earnings of USD50. Payment will be transferred via Skrill. Or you can choose to have store credits as your option too (minimum gross earnings of USD30 commission accumulated). You will need to contact us for the affiliate commission payout.

Where do I check my affiliate results and commission and to download banner?

affiliate login

First, log in to your account.

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affiliate my account

Secondly, click the My Affiliate Page link.

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affiliate my page
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You can check for your result here as well as to find your affiliate link and Generate Banner

You can then choose the size of the banner that suits you.

Days to track (Returning days)

Cookies are set at 90 days. This means if a potential customer click through your affiliates link and made purchase within the next 90 days, you are entitled to his or her sales for commission.

How to boost up your sales?

  1. You can post any promotion of PinkyParadise to all your social media website and share it with your followers which could help your followers to make purchase , thus, increasing the conversion rates of yours. 
  2. Secure best position for the banner or the link. For example, the top right or top left corner of your blog would be the best position to place the banner or place the affiliates link in the first 50 words description in the youtube channel.
  3. Give your readers a call to action by providing them with your affiliate link. By providing them with the coupon code, this will increase their interest in buying the product.
  4. Always ask for a coupon code, where mystery gifts will be given on each purchase. Please fill in the form below for the coupon code.

Why my Affiliate account was terminated?

Affiliate account can be revoked and commission will be forfeited for the following reason(s)

  1. Invalid blog / youtube channel / social media submitted
  2. Suspected fraudulent activities
  3. False advertisement on affiliate link
  4. Irrelevant contents or sexual explicit contents
  5. Share affiliate link on coupon code sharing website / link exchange website
  6. Advertising affiliate links on Adwords / any third party advertisement channel
  7. Affiliate partner are prohibited to use same account or a different account with the same ownership to place order and earn commission. The affiliate commission earned by those account will be forfeited.

For accurate affiliate commission report and claiming of the commission, please contact fill in the form below.

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