Welcome to PinkyParadise Affiliates.

Now, we would introduce this affiliate system which aims to rewards anyone who spreads good words about PinkyParadise.

What is Affiliate?

Affiliate is a system that benefits mutual parties. Recommend someone about our site by asking them to click through ‘affiliate link’. If they make purchase on our site, you will be rewarded a certain percentage of commission for your efforts. You will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can just choose, copy & paste!

Is there any requirement for being an affiliate?

Everyone is welcome as long as you have a blogspot, youtube channel, wordpress or Tumblr. PinkyParadise customers are encouraged to apply as an affiliate as this is more reliable as they have used our products and our services before.

What are the commission rate?

10% commission* will be made for the first tier referrals (whoever click through your link and made purchase). 1% commission* based on sales generated by your sub-affiliates. Commissions are based on product purchased, excluding shipping and taxes.

*Commission refer to any sale that has successful payment, Noted that NOT all your affiliate order made the payment to us. Some of them may abandon the cart. we will provide a detail report to let you know which of them made the payment.

How to boost up your sales?

1. Get our affiliates banners to put on your blog or channel.
2. Review our circle lenses and share your purchase experience (if you have anyone of them).
3. Secure best position for the banner or the link. For example, the top right or top left corner of your blog would be the best position to place the banner or place the affiliates link in the first 50 words description in the youtube channel.
4. Updating the latest promotion of PinkyParadise for examples, sales, discount or buy 2 free 1 promotion which could help your followers to make purchase .
5. Always ask for a coupon code, where mystery gifts will be given on each purchase.

All these above would encourage your followers to click through the link and made purchase.

Does PinkyParadise have promotional materials?

Yes, we do have promotion banners which are downloadable from the website (next question). Also, we do provide coupon code to help you attract your customers, just send us an email to, we will create a coupon code for you (the coupon code can be used by your followers to redeem FREE mystery gift).

How to download affiliate banner?

To download affiliate banners, log into you’re My Account> Click Visit My Affiliate Page under header of Affiliates Statistic > Click the 'Generate Banners Ads' link under 'Advertising Tools'. There are three sizes available. Kindly choose one that suitable to your blog.

Where do I check my results?

We have real-time results in our system. Log into My Account > Click Visit My Affiliate Page under header of Affiliates Statistic. In the table, ‘ME’ is the first tier referrals that click on your referral link. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the sub-affiliates. In overall, it shows how many people have clicked and how many people have made purchase and the commission you have earned.

Why my Affiliate account was terminated?

Affiliate account can be revoked and commission will be forfeited for the following reasons,

  1. Invalid blog / youtube channel / social media submitted
  2. Suspected fraudulent activities
  3. False advertisement on affiliate link
  4. Irrelevant contents or sexual explicit contents
  5. Share affiliate link on coupon code sharing website / link exchange website
  6. Advertising affiliate links on Adwords / any third party advertisement channel
  7. Affiliate Traffic Must only be comes from your own blog and social media only.

What are the payment options?

You MUST have a paypal account. The minimum payout is USD100. Payment will be transferred via paypal. Or you can choose to have store credits as your option too (minimum of USD50 commission accumulated). We do not issue check.

By Default, we will send payment to your registered email, unless informed. Please contact us directly to claim your commission. Paypal transaction fees will be charges to affiliate account accordingly every time the fund was transferred.

Commission Claims

Partner will have to contact us for any commission calculation and report. Only Paid order will be given commission.

Days to track (Returning days)

Cookies are set at 90 days. This means if a potential customer click through your affiliates link and made purchase within the next 90 days, you are entitled to his or her sales for commission.

How to register?

You must first register yourself as PinkyParadise customer. If you have done so, kindly please click the following 'continue' to proceed to the registration of Affiliates. You will reach a page which you will be asked to fill in your blog/channel website URL, category of your blog or channel, and confirm your paypal account. Once you are done, you will have to wait for 24 hours to activate your account.

PinkyParadise reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.

If you agree on above all these, kindly please register yourself as our Affiliates and start earning your commission today!

P/S: By clicking the continue button below, you agreed with our terms and condition above.

Where do I check my results?

1. Log in to our website and click my account. Select Visit My Affiliate Page under Affiliate Statistics.

2. You will immediately see the table, where display how many people had click your links ( click through), how many of them had made orders (sales) and how much commission you had received (my commission). For each person who click through your link and made purchase (first tier referrals), you will earn 10% commission. Each sales made by your sub-affiliates, you will received 1% commission. Commissions are based on product purchased, excluding shipping and taxes.

Please be reminded that only affiliate orders that made their payments will be referred to commission. Any abandoned orders that made by person who click through your links will not count. Minimum commission payout is USD 100. You also have an option to convert your commission to store credits with minimum commission of USD50. Payment will be transferred via paypal. Kindly noted that affiliates have to contact us for the commission claim and report.

For accurate affiliate commission report and claiming of the commission, please e-mail us at .

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