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Here we introduce our best circle lens, colored lenses and contact lenses! These are the best circle contact lenses that most loved and rated as the best contact lenses by our customers! You can refine it by colors, by brand, by diameter, by prescription, by price and by disposable. Have no idea what to choose from our large variety of circle lenses? Make sure you browse through our customers favorite picks on these all best seller list!

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GBT Blue Aqua Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts) G&G GBT Blue (Aqua) [yearly]

List Price: $19.90
Our Price: $17.91
(You Save $1.99)
PP Reward: You'll earn 17 points

Aqua Colored Contacts, Aqua color contacts, Aqua contacts, Aqua cosplay lens, Zero two, darling in the franxx Venus Eye Aqua [yearly]

List Price: $25.90
Our Price: $23.31
(You Save $2.59)
PP Reward: You'll earn 22 points

The Best Color Contacts for Brown Eyes

People love colored contacts because it able to transform eye colors to the desirable one. But not every colored contacts are able to provide vibrant effects that you wish because some colored contacts are not obvious on dark color iris. Opaque contacts and semi-opaque contacts are the best option for dark eyes because the contacts painted with a solid layer of color around iris. The design allow opaque lenses to perfectly mask the natural eye colors and provide the dreamed eye colors effects for users. Our Customer love these lenses for dark eyes:

Toric Colored Contacts for Astigmatism

Toric Lenses are designed for people who has an eye condition called astigmatism. It is common vision problem caused by an error in the shape of the cornea. Before buying any contact lenses to correct vision, we advise customer to visit an eye doctor, they will advise you on your eyes conditions, if you have Astigmatism in your eyes and you wish to wear contact lenses, toric lenses are your choices because it purposely design for customers who has Astigmatism. Do not worry about the limitation on toric lenses selection, Pinky Paradise offers a wide range of Toric Lenses that you can pick your most loved design and color.

How to Choose Best Seller by color

Our filter is convenient for customers to search items more related to their interests, you can filter by color, by diameter, by brand, by prescription, by price and by disposable. For instance, if you wish to search what is our best brown circle lenses, you only need to land on best seller page and filter by color, choose brown color.