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D.U.P Japan Wonder Eyelid Tape Point (180pcs)
D.U.P Japan Wonder Eyelid Tape Point (180pcs)

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D.U.P Japan Wonder Eyelid Tape Point (180pcs)

One of the most popular double eyelid tape in Japan!
Super strong holding double faced medical-use adhesive tape specially made to create double eyelid.
Easily make deep and natural crease on eyelids. 0.09mm ultra-thin tape is invisible when applied and will stay inside the crease all day long.
Available in 3 different types. Hard adhesive type (Extra), soft adhesive type (Mild), and point type in hard adhesive (Point).
Gentle on the skin. Waterproof and sweat resistant. Last all day long.

Made In Japan


  1. TAPE: 180pcs (30pcs x 6sheets)
  2. APPLICATOR (V-stick): 1pc
  3. HOW-TO LEAFLET: 1pc

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