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Disney 3D Character Antibacterial Contact Lens Case (Goofy)
Disney 3D Character Antibacterial Contact Lens Case (Goofy)

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Disney 3D Character Antibacterial Contact Lens Case (Goofy)

"Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy are featured in these original Disney lens case series, compatible with our Disney Ipool Auto Vibrating Contact Lens Cleaner too! Lens case comes with a pair of plastic tweezerss.

This lens case also utilizes advanced silver nano-particle technology, for the anti-bacterial properties. The inner part of the lens case is coated with the nano silver particle that release Ag+ ions upon contact with moisture. These released ions will damage the cellís membrane of the bacteria and effectively inhibit its replication. The gentle vibration would enhance the entire cleaning process, without damaging the lens, while removing the protein deposit at the same time.

Say NO to Bacteria and Protein deposit!

All the MioTTiCa product are non-toxic and safe to use.

Manufactured by Miottica Korea Co., Ltd."

Package include: 1 Contact lens case, & 1 Lens tweezers

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