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Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 2 NO.1 Honey Beige

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 2 Honey Beige

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Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 2 Poster

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil 2 No.1 Honey Beige

** Blonde ~ Ash hair colored hair - Yellowish brown.
** Soft texture but hard pencil - It is suit for drawing sharp lines like corner of the eyebrows.
** Easy drawing - Soft brown.
** Colored well - This pencil colored really well.
** Finished with powderly textured. - Your eyebrows will finish fuller and soft looking.
** Screw brush - Finishing with this spiral brush may looks your eyebrows more natural.
** Botanical moisturizing ingredients "squalane" in.

Product Details

Brand / Dolly Wink
Country of Origin / Japan
Content / 21g

How To Use

1. Draw thin lines and add the brows. It would be easy to draw from the corner of your eyebrows.
2. Blended the drew lines with brush.
** It will finish more natural if you use Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara after this.
** Please use "Dolly Wink Pencil Sharpener" sister products of this to sharp this.

Precaution To Use

** Please close the cap after every use.
** Please be careful not to stick this to your clothes.
** Please don't use if you have skin sores, rashes and eczema and so on.
** If you got redness, itching and irritation while using this, stop using this immediately and go to see doctor. Symptoms would get worse if you continue use it.
** Please keep out in reach of small children and don't place in anywhere exposed direct sunlight or high temperature.
** Please use 8mm cosmetic sharpener to sharp this if you don't use sister product of this.


Rhus succedanea fruit wax, stearic acid, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, water index 9 cocoglycerides, castor oil, tocopherol, squalane, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, lauroyl lysine, hydroxide Al