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Colored Contacts for Kingdom Hearts

When Kingdom Hearts III came out in 2019, it was the highest, anticipated game that fans all over the world had been waiting for! It is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix, which features a major crossover with the main character, Sora, and a journey with Disney, Pixar and Square Enix characters. Throughout the game, meet characters such as Ariel, Elsa and Anna, Rapunzel, Kairi, Aqua, and many more!

PinkyParadise is here to suggest the best circle lenses for you to try for your next cosplay! Below is some of the recommended colored contacts and circle lenses for the main characters. Sora with those dreamy blue eyes, Kairi with natural blue eyes, and Aqua with those bright yellow eyes. Enhance these fabulous cosplay looks! Circle lenses comes in prescription too!

Check out this fantastic Kingdom Hearts music video by Traci Hines to see all the characters come to life!
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