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Mermaid Cosplay Contacts

This mythical creature is a famous cosplay to create! Especially for those that love the ocean love to be a mermaid. Creating a beautiful mermaid cosplay look can be a challenge but PinkyParadise wants to ease your process with helping you to pick the right colored contacts for your mermaid cosplay look! Whether you want to be a scary mermaid or have the ethereal mermaid vibe, we have you covered! Purchase your colored contacts in your prescription too!

For those who want to do a "mermaid becomes a human" look but have that mermaid look, this is s simpler cosplay look to portray! You can easily do a cool mermaid makeup look by creating scales on the sides of your face. Cover your face with a wig cap and apply blue, green and grey makeup over it. The effect will wow your friends, especially when you pair the whole look with our colored contacts. You'll look like a naturally-born mermaid exploring the new world!

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