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Princess Pinky Lumiere Series

Rock a bye baby rock the eyes…

When you don’t need to see the sun again cause there is enough Lumiere in your eyes. Our Lumiere collection is the meaning of light with incredible light for the darkest eyes and brightens eyes to be enhanced.

This series has no limbal ring design and unparalleled pigment payoff will definitely give a color change and the cool effect that you LOVE! Lumiere is frosty lenses sister style, with a couple of small tweaks. It can be worn every day for up to a year now!

princess pinky Lumiere idol blue

Lumiere Idol Blue

I want you tuned in to my eyes...makin' me a boy with luv
I wish I could escape into your Idol blue… Idol Blue has the most vibrant light color of blue! It has two-tone shade with no limbal ring, creating the most lightened eye color that we all crave. Its yellowish tint in the center of the lens gives subtle blending. Let’s spice up the look with Lumiere Idol Blue and you’re the K beauty!

princess pinky Lumiere idol blue contacts closeup

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Lumiere Soul Grey

So look me in the eyes...Perfect paradise
If you want to emulate the smokey and stay look oh sexy and cool. Lumiere Idol Grey is the one. With subtle one tone of greyish shade and no limbal ring will reflect a unique hue of your dark and bright eyes. These lenses cover dark and light eyes extremely well that you'll ride till you can't go on

princess pinky Lumiere soul grey contacts closeup

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princess pinky Lumiere shinin brown contacts

Lumiere Shinin Brown

Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shinin
It so beautiful and I fall to everyday.Lumiere Shinin Brown the most lenses that shine and sparkle, it has shades of light and soft brown with no limbal ring. It can really brighten up your iris for dark eyes even for the bright eyes! Just perfect for someone that craves for fresh yet natural eyes. So why not to try to give some glimpse of the hotter than summer look...ohh la la la...its true la la la.

princess pinky Lumiere shinin brown contacts closeup

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Lumiere Cold Green

I don’t wanna close my eyes …
Lumiere cold green will rock out your eyes! You'll be amazed how these green shades changing the eye color. Beautifully blend with natural eyes it has two-tone shade with deep yellowish touch. The enlargement is very minimal so they look absolutely realistic on eyes. Let’s ready for the music!

princess pinky Lumiere cold green contacts closeup

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princess pinky Lumiere cold green contacts
Princess Pinky Lumiere Series
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