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Princess-pinky-wagon-cat: Princess Pinky Wagon toric colored contact lens series close-up preview

Best Bold Colored Toric Lenses To Grace your Eyes

Do toric contacts come in colors? Stop wondering and your search ends here! If you are after those big bold eyes? Our Wagon series gives the best of both worlds: They're vivid to be seen, but still exceptionally versatile for any looks. This series gives you eyes effortless, eye enhancement that looks ah-mazing against everyone. Featuring a black limbal ring fading inward, these lenses have just enough intensity to give your eyes a more defined appearance. 4 stunning, versatile shades that'll help you spice up your look in limitless ways. You can wear them for everyday use, makeup looks, cosplay or anyway you like, as long as you wear it with confidence! Don't ever let astigmatism hold you back.

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