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Cute Animal Lens Case (Set of 10 Cases)

Cute Colored Contacts Case Bundle Set Ten

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cute animal case combo one

Cute Animal Lens Case (set of 10 cases)

It's time to keep up proper care for your lenses by changing your lens case regularly; it's one of the essential parts for good eye health. Most colored contacts users forget that their lenses require proper care in order to keep the lens safe and comfort. This is where contact lens case comes into the picture.

top tips replace lens case

Study says it's best to replace your lens case every three months to avoid irritation and infection. We're here to help you establish good habits and nothing is more important than the safety of our colored contacts users!

ten cute animal cases animal cases contain ten pieces lens cases How to care your colored contacts

How often do you need to change your lens case

Contact lens cases without proper care can produce bacteria and other microorganisms that can form in your case and cause a lot of eye problems therefore timely replacement lowers the risk of eye problems. It’s best to replace the case at a minimum of every 3 months. The newer the contacts case, the newer the solution the fewer bacteria in your contact lenses.

How to care?

wash hands with soap and water icon

Always wash hands with soap and water before handling contacts and lens cases.

clean your case icon

Be sure to clean your case with the new solution and allow it to completely dry prior to storing your lenses.

3 months

Recommended to replace lens case every three months.

animal lens case

Avoid placing your contact lens case in the bathroom because bacteria thrive in humid environments and your lenses will be at greater risk for contamination

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