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Princess Pinky Twilight Brown
Princess Pinky Twilight Brown Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)


Note: Actual design may slightly differ due to different batch from manufacturer.

List Price: $28.90
Our Price: $17.34
(You Save $11.56)
PP Reward: You'll earn 14 points
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
What inside: One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case

Prescription Left Eye(TWILIGHTBR)*:

Prescription Right Eye(TWILIGHTBR)*:

Princess Pinky Twilight Brown Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Princess Pinky Twilight Brown

Whether you have dark or light eyes, these contacts make your eyes pop with a vivid splash of a golden brown colour. The colour of the evening twilight was clearly the biggest inspiration while designing these beautiful contacts. These contacts are great for Cosplay , Halloween and everyday lives. It will give a great overall coverage of your natural eye colour without looking fake.

Lens Info

Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / -0.00 ~ -10.00
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case

Princess Pinky Twilight Brown Model Princess Pinky Twilight Brown Closeup) Princess Pinky Twilight Brown View

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Rating: 3 of 5 Total Reviews: 74 Write a review »

  What our customers say...
Gorgeous but hard to wear February 6, 2017
Reviewer: Iliana Veltcheva from Sofia, n/a Bulgaria  
Gorgeous color, Not natural looking because humans don't have golden eyes but if they did, that's what they'd look like so in a weird way, they DO look natural. Now the bad: The first couple of times comfort was great. Then it got bad. I can last a few hours and I do but I'm a really experienced wearer (25 years). You feel them all the time and when you take them off you relish the couple of recovery days necessary in case you want to wear lenses - any lenses - again. So I wear them once every 10 days, if that.

Something else that tells me there's something about this range that's OFF: I'm myopic & astigmatic. My experience with non-toric lenses is never flawless, but the slight de-focusing never bothered me. UNTIL THESE. It's not slight. At all. Don't buy them unless you're a veteran whose eyes can handle anything, and even then, only wear them occasionally.

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  What our customers say...
Disappointed! January 13, 2017
Reviewer: Anne Hester from Bradenton, FL United States  
I really wish I had read the reviews of this product before I bought them. Although the color is stunning and beautifully otherworldly, I can't wear them for more than an hour or so because they are horribly dry and scratchy. They also don't set on the eye properly, and you can see a great deal of my natural iris when wearing these lenses.

After buying them, I read the reviews and tried soaking them, but it did no good - they were still really dry and scratchy. I tried cleaning them well (again), but the same thing: dry, scratchy and they don't stay on the eye as they should.

Please save yourself the problems and the aggravation and don't order these. I had high hopes, and these lenses have lived up to none of them.

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  What our customers say...
Just need soaking December 26, 2016
Reviewer: Samantha from Kirkby, Merseyside United Kingdom  
So I ignored all the bad reviews of these because I cannot find any lenses in this colour anywhere else and needed them for 4 cosplays and went and bought them. upon
receiving them and trying them I see exactly what everyone meant. unbearably itchy, very uncomfortable. They kept shifting upwards everytime I blink and they kept shifting out of place. I left them in for half an hour to see if it settles but they didn't at all.

HOWEVER I left them in soak in my solution for 2 weeks and tried them again and haven't had any trouble with them. They are not as comfortable as some other lenses I have but I wore them for 7 hours without drops and could have left them in longer.

The colour is absolutely beautiful and are perfect for all of my cosplays as they show up as a gorgeous gold colour and blend perfectly with my light-ish blue eyes and I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs gold eyes for a cosplay. These are now my favourite lenses.

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  What our customers say...
beautiful but too irriating December 31, 2015
Reviewer: Amber from Toronto, ON Canada  
when I first put them on they felt really uncomfortable and scratchy especially the right eye. I wore them for 4 hours before deciding to take them out by advice of a friend. Not only did they make my eyes red but they also made my eyes produce a snot like mucus in the inner corners. The contacts were also very floppy when I first took them out of their case. I was very sad because I was looking forward to these lenses the most out of my order. They may look pretty but they should not be in your eyes. I've had no trouble with circle lenses in the past.

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  What our customers say...
Poor fit, unbareably uncomfortable December 18, 2015
Reviewer: Lisa from UK  
Although the colour of these lenses are rather good they are the most uncomfortable lenses I have ever struggled through wearing.

I wore them for an event for three hours and unfortunately went against my better judgement to take them out immediately after putting them in when they would not settle on my eye, in hopes that they would with time.
They did not.

It felt like fine sandpaper against my eyes from the moment they went into my eyes and almost 12 hours after taking them out.
I ended up using nearly half a bottle of eye drops throughout the three hours of wearing them and the day after to try and rid myself of the discomfort.

I am honestly stunned at how horrendous these lenses are and hope other buyers heed my warning when I say DO NOT BUY THESE LENSES.

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