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Welcome to PinkyParadise UK - your premier destination for coloured contact lenses!

Dive into a world where eye colour is your fashion statement and vision meets versatility.

At PinkyParadise UK, we believe that changing your eye colour is as easy as changing your shoes – a simple yet powerful way to express your unique style.

Whether you're looking to enhance your natural hues or captivate with bold, dramatic eyes, our extensive range of high-quality coloured contact lenses is designed to cater to every whim and fancy.

From the subtle sophistication of hazel greens to the deep allure of ocean blues, our collection is curated to include the perfect shade for every personality, occasion, and mood.

With our UK-specific selection, you can enjoy the latest trends and the most sought-after styles that resonate with the fashion-forward pulse of Britain.

Plus, with our exclusive offers and dedicated UK customer service, PinkyParadise is your local hub for stepping up your eye game.

Explore our collection of and transform your eyes into mesmerizing pools of colour today and let your gaze be the conversation starter!

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Types of coloured contacts

Our range of coloured contacts is available as both: Prescription coloured contacts (Daily wear contacts) and No prescription coloured contacts (Cosmetic lenses).

Natural Looking Coloured Contacts

Need a pair of lenses that blend seamlessly with your natural eye colour? Check out our range of natural effect lenses with refreshing hues like gray, black and brown to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without drawing excessive attention.

At Pinky Paradise, we offer many top brands, including Geo Medical and our exclusive home brand Princess Pinky. With multiple designs and colours, you're sure to find the perfect match for you.

Natural Looking


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Vibrant Contacts

For those who love to experiment with bold looks, our range of vibrant contacts is a one-stop solution. From stunning purples, sparkling ruby red and sky blue to passionate pinks, we've got it all!

Our extensive range of vibrant colored contacts is mostly opaque, offering a complete colour change. Pick the ones that are as unique as you!


oppaque . bold

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Coloured contacts for dark eyes

Looking to enhance your naturally dark eyes? Check out our selection of coloured contacts for dark eyes and get your dream look. From subtle enhancement to a bold transformation! Add high-quality images of top products, and visitors can click to browse more of this range

For Dark Eyes

Subtle. bold

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Coloured contacts for light eyes

Discover a variety of shades and styles designed for light-eyed beauties. Enhance your natural colour or add a pop of tint to your original look. Look and feel your best with our range of coloured contact lenses for light eyes!

For Light Eyes

Pop. Enhance

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Enlarging Colour Contacts

Enlarging coloured lenses are the perfect solution to create an illusion of large doll-like or anime-inspired eyes. Browse our wide range of eye-enlarging coloured contacts to get the captivating looks you've always wanted!


Bigger . bolder

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Cosplay Halloween coloured contacts

Complete your Halloween look with our cosplay-themed lenses. From ethereal fairies to spooky vampires, there's a pair of Cosplay Halloween contact lenses to suit every costume and character. Pick your favorites now!