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Super Blue
Super Blue Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Our Price: $25.90
PP Reward: You'll earn 13 points
Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
What inside: One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case

Prescription Left Eye(SUPERBL)*:

Prescription Right Eye(SUPERBL)*:

Super Blue

Super Blue

Lens Info

Brand / SUPER
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 15.0mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 42%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / -0.00 - 10.00
Package / Pair of Circle Lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case

Super Blue2

Super Blue Close-up

Super Blue Pink Before After

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  What our customers say...
pinky blue contacts April 21, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I got my pinky blue contacts in today and I love them!! I have a naturally big iris and they did excellent at covering them! It shows up really blue!

Natural eye color: dark brown
Comfort level: 5/5
Diameter size: 15.0
Rating: *****
Thank you. =)

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  What our customers say...
Absolutely Stunning! January 30, 2017
Reviewer: Zsaklina from Canada  
These are the first contacts I've ever bought and worn, and I am happy to say that they are positively amazing! First off, they're extremely comfortable. I can barely feel that they're even in my eyes. The color is also super vibrant, especially in pictures with flash photography. I have brown eyes, so the color may be a little darker than those with light eyes, but trust me. If you have dark eyes and are worried about whether or not the color will show up on your eyes, have no fear because these contacts will definitely show up wonderfully. Depending on your eye color, though, these contacts may be too vibrant for everyday wear. In some lighting they seem natural while in others you can really tell that they're contacts. But overall, they're comfortable, beautiful and flat-out amazing! If you're cosplaying anyone with blue eyes, these are the contacts for you! They don't dry out quickly and are super comfortable! I would definitely buy these again!

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  What our customers say...
Super Blue Contacts January 19, 2017
Reviewer: Jill W from Prior Lake, MN United States  
They went in and look great.  First time wearing contacts. Took a few hours to adjust before I couldn't feel them anymore.

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  What our customers say...
Amazing!!! December 4, 2016
Reviewer: Krista from Omaha  
I have brown eyes I haven't ever really liked them, and I just wanted a change.  I absolutely love these and my husband loves him as well. They feel really comfortable and I don't wear contacts on a daily basis and they're great.

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  What our customers say...
WOW November 7, 2016
Reviewer: Sparqy from Bonner Springs, KS United States  
These are CRAZY. Show up super blue in real life and in pictures, even on my dark eyes. They're not too big so  you get a bit of enlargement without it looking creepy. Also easy to put in and very comfortable, felt no different than my regular contacts. So glad they come in prescription too. :) Will definitely be buying the other super colors as well!

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