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Captain America - The First Avenger

Who else loves Captain America like we do! The first Avenger as Marvel calls him, being played by Chris Evans, is an iconic character that has been a part of our lives for over a decade. Want to cosplay as Capt? Then we have the colored contacts for you!

Colored Contacts for Captain America

Those beautiful, blue, Chris Evans eyes! How we love him as Captain America for the last 10+ years and we can't wait to see how the character ends up in The Avengers: End Game! Whatever happens, Captain America will always live on through the comics and your cosplays! Here are some blue lenses to match his blue eyes! Whether you have dark eyes or light eyes, we have the lenses for you!

Colored Contacts for Black Widow

As a Marvel fan, you know that one of the best relationships that was formed in Captain America: Winter Solider was between Capt and Black Widow. No doubt Black Widow is one of the best SHIELD agents and kicks ass! For those who love to embody this fantastic character, try the Geo Nudy Blue or the Princess Pinky Gemini Day Green colored contacts
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