Choosing Cosplay Contact Lenses for Comic Con

Choosing Cosplay Contact Lenses for Comic Con

What are Cosplay Contact Lenses and How to Choose One for a Comic Con?

Are you dressing up as your favorite character for comic con? Wondering how to add a dramatic or finishing touch to your outfit? 

Cosplay contact lenses can complete your look, transforming you to resemble your character so closely -  your friends and family will do a double-take when they see you!

What are cosplay contact lenses?

Cosplay lenses are decorative or cosmetic contact lenses. They come in various colors and are now quite popular. Cosplay contact lenses are often used to change one’s iris color or pupil shape to add a special touch to the character you want to dress up as. They can also create ‘effects’ for your eyes so that you resemble a certain character. 

How to choose cosplay contact lenses for comic con? 

Choosing the right cosplay contact lenses will bring your character to life. Here’s how to purchase the right one. 

1. Understand cosplay lens types

Understand cosplay lens types

Before choosing cosplay contact lenses, it's important to understand that different types are available.  

Colored contact lenses

Cosplay contact lenses are all colored contact lenses, as they’re all used to change your eye color. However, they can be further divided into a few categories, depending on the effect they provide. 

  • Big eyes contacts are loved by Cosplayers because they give the effect of having very large eyes, much like the anime characters. They work extremely well with the appropriate makeup. 
  • Sclera contact lenses cover the whole eye, including the white part. They can create a spooky look that's perfect for some characters. However, they may be tricky to wear, so practice putting them on before you head to comic con. 
  • Colorful contact lenses have a number of tones that have a crystalline effect on your eyes. The hues of color are perfect for a sweet fair look. You’ll definitely stand out with the shades of colors.
  • Vibrant colored contacts have bold colors that will instantly transform you into your comic con character.  


2. Choosing the right color 

Choosing the right color

The right color is obviously essential when it comes to selecting the right cosplay contact lenses. After all, you’ll want to resemble the character you choose to dress up as for comic con. 

Choose your favorite character

Whether you’re planning to head to comic con as Rey Skywalker from Star Wars or Wednesday Addams, choosing your character is the first step in getting the cosplay contact lens color correct. Once you’ve decided, you can consider the following elements below.

Consider the character’s eye color

To make your character come to life, you’ll want to choose cosplay contact lenses that match your character’s eye color. 

For example, you’ll want to get blue colored contact lenses if you’re dressing up as Naruto, or if you’re going to comic con as Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer, you’ll want green mesh contact lenses

Skin tone

It would help if you also considered skin tone when choosing your character and, by extension, the color of your cosplay contact lenses. Colors such as blue, gray, or violet are more natural for cool skin tones, while hazel, brown, or green go well with warm skin tones. However, if you aim to stand out, by all means, go for any stunning color you want. 


You should also think about the lighting at comic con. Cosplay contact lenses with vibrant colors are more suitable for outdoor events. On the other hand, subtle colors work well for low-light conditions. 


3. Consider the character’s eye size and shape

Consider the character’s eye size and shape

To choose the best cosplay contact lenses for comic con, you'll definitely have to consider your character's eye shape and size. Larger contact lenses can help add a touch of drama for characters with large, round eyes. 

Conversely, contact lenses that are smaller help create the impression of narrow, slanted eyes. However, ensure that the lenses are comfortable to wear, as you don't want to damage your eyes. 

4. Find the right fit

Find the right fit

As with clothing, the right fit for cosplay contact lenses helps ensure it’s comfortable when you put it on. Here’s what you can do:

Consult a professional

To ensure the right fit, consult an eye optometrist or ophthalmologist. Eye care professionals can also provide information on whether the contact lenses you’re about to purchase are safe to wear. 

Measure your eyes

An optometrist or ophthalmologist can also measure your eye shape and size so that you purchase cosplay lenses that fit correctly. Remember, contact lenses are not one size fits all. 

Try the lenses on 

Once you’ve purchased your cosplay contact lenses, put them on. Lenses that fit well shouldn’t only be comfortable - you should also have clear vision. 


Other tips when choosing cosplay contact lenses

Here are some other tips that may come in handy when you’re picking out your cosplay contact lenses:

Get a prescription

Have your eyes examined and measured by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Eye-care professionals can provide instructions on how to put in and remove, as well as care for and store, your cosplay contact lenses. 

Also, cosplay contact lenses, like regular contacts, are not 'one size fits all,'; thus, a prescription from your optometrist will minimize the risk to your eyesight. Poor-fitting cosplay lenses can result in scratches on the cornea, corneal infections, conjunctivitis, and decreased vision. 


Protect yourself from fake contact lenses

Be aware that not all contact lenses are created equal. Some ways to spot counterfeit lenses are:

  • Packaging has misspellings, differs from the original, or contains foreign language characters. 
  • The contact lenses are smaller or larger than what they should be. 
  • You experience discomfort, such as pain or itchiness, when wearing them. 
  • The contact lens has surface irregularities, uneven edges, or thickness. 
  • The surface alignment is inconsistent. 


Is it safe to use cosplay contact lenses? 

Yes, cosplay contact lenses are safe to use, provided they are FDA-approved and fit your eye measurements. 

Always take proper care of them to ensure that they are clean and in good condition for use. 

Besides this, another safety measure one can take when shopping for cosplay contact lenses is to purchase from reputable and trusted sellers such as PinkyParadise

How long can you keep cosplay contact lenses in? 

Generally, it is best to not wear them for more than 4 to 6 hours a day. However, do check the packaging and instructions for the recommended time you can have them in. 

Tips for contact lenses safety

In addition to not wearing them longer than recommended, the following are some cosplay contact lens safety tips:

  • Purchase a contact lens case so that you can store them properly.
  • Only use contact lens cleaning fluid/contact lens solution.
  • Check the cosplay lenses to ensure they are free of dust or other small particles before wearing them. 
  • If you’re new to contact lenses, practice putting them on before you head to comic con. 
  • Wear your cosplay contact lenses before putting on makeup to avoid makeup getting onto the lenses. 
  • Eye drops can help with eye dryness or irritation. 
  • Do not wear cosplay contact lenses that have expired. 
  • Do not sleep with them on. 
  • Do not share your cosplay contact lenses with anyone.

Remove your cosplay contact lenses if:

  • You’re sleepy - Don’t sleep with them on.
  • You have eye irritation - this can be due to the cosplay contacts themselves, eye strain, or allergies. 
  • You’ve worn them longer than recommended
  • You’re in an atmosphere or area with irritants such as chemical fumes. 

Consider referring to this wear and care guide for detailed information on caring for your contact lenses. 

Where do Cosplayers get their contact lenses? 

Many Cosplayers get their contact lenses online, as local shops might not have as vast a variety to choose from. One of the best online cosplay contact lens stores is PinkyParadise, which carries over 900 types of colored contacts in stock. 

In addition to cosplay contact lenses, PinkyParadise has cosplay wigs, glasses, and beauty products that will transform you into the character you pick for comic con. 

Cosplays that use colored contact lenses

The following are cosplay contact lenses for some popular characters at comic con:


Cosplay contact lenses are all in rage to complete your comic con look. So why not use them for stunning eyes effect and impress your friends and family. Transform into your favorite anime character today!