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All About Colored Contacts & Circle Lenses For Beginners
To keep the long story short, this is a MUST read for beginners.
Never wear any colored contacts & circle lens before and would like to try one?
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What Are Circle Lenses?

Circle lens is a cosmetic contact lens, also generally known as big eye circle contacts, which has a wide black ring on the outside widens your eyes’ iris, creating an adorable appearance that you'll fall in love with. Circle lenses were made popular by ulzzangs (“Best-Face” celebs) like K-pop stars Girl Generation, Hyuna, Krystal and Suzy. Ulzzang is also shorthand for pretty, and you’ll look the part in these lovely circle lenses. In Japan, You will find circle lens appearance in many magazines and they are always considered as a “Must factor” across all make up. Models like Tsubasa and Super star Ayumi Hamasaki. These stars and models are famous for wearing bright circle lenses to make sure that their eyes sparkle in music videos.

Circle lenses are really reputable in countries like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, but they're starting to become popular across the globe because Lady Gaga wore them in her “Bad Romance” music video. Lady Gaga’s eyes were probably partially computer generated, so our lenses won’t have quite the same effect- but they will make your eyes look wider and larger.

In General, 40% of Circle lens user are non-prescription (Plano) customers, as they don’t interfere with your vision, many also wear these contacts under glasses on a daily basis.

Besides, Cosmetic contact lenses are great for special occasions like Halloween parties, anime conventions, and cosplays. Fantastic reasons to wear circle lenses:

  • Easy way to add drama and craziness to your eyes!
  • You’ll look mysterious, cool and magical.
  • Dress like your favorite anime and manga characters down to the last detail!
  • Choose lenses that mirror your favorite Naruto character!

Many of our customers have reviewed the cosmetic contact lenses they liked the most, which helps you make the best choice! You will find plenty of real life pictures in our product page and fans sharing photo in our official fan page as well.

We offer hundreds of colors and styles of circle contact lenses that are 100% guaranteed authentic, so these are a great option to really transform your daily style. All lenses are sourced from reputable manufacturers like GEO Medical, EOS, G&G, Dueba, Vassen and etc in South Korea, where circle lenses originated. GEO Medical customer can check the authenticity of the lenses through the Geo Anti-Fake system to make sure you’re buying authentic lenses. Your health and safety are our first priority, so we work hard to provide high quality products and great customer service. We want to make sure that you’re happy with our products and services.

You will be joining the ranks of literally thousands of fashionable young women when you start wearing circle contact lenses, and you’ll probably start a fashion trend in your area!

What’s The Difference Between Circle Lens & Colored Contacts?

If you haven’t spent a lot of time shopping for colored lenses yet, you might not be sure about the difference between normal contact lenses and circle lenses. The number one difference in the two types of lenses is that circle lenses will make your eyes look larger, a really flattering look for most women. These lenses are offered in different sizes in diameter 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.5mm, 14.8mm, and 15mm- slightly larger than common contact lenses.

The thick black rim around the colored circle lenses is what makes the iris of your eye appear larger. In regularly colored contact lens, that band is usually transparent. That means that colored contact lenses will only change the color of your iris, but they won’t make your eyes look any bigger. In other way, circle lens will have an extended black rim around your iris and it makes your eyes appear to be larger at the same time changing your iris color.

Circle lenses are also famous in its design and colorful selection where most of the common contact lenses are limited to 2-3 color per design, while circle lenses could have up to 8 colors per design. We offer a wide range of selection in color and design, with more than 650++ options to choose on, you will surely find your perfect pair from us anytime.

5 Things Essential Things About Circle Lens

  1. You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before making purchase of any prescription lenses. Do NOT adjust the prescription power by your own as this would bring permanent damage to your eyes.
  2. Circle lens brands carried by PinkyParadise are all Korean made and all lenses are approved by Korea FDA.
  3. When wearing circle lens, you should not feel any big different from the normal contact lenses
  4. You are responsible to minimize the risk of wearing circle lens. For daily care and handling of lenses, please refer to our Wear and Care Guide.
  5. Do NOT sleep with your circle lens in your eyes.

What Circle Lens Should I Choose? What Circle Lens Best Suits Me?

Before this, you need to understand which effects you like the most before deciding on which circle lens to choose from as each circle lens give varying degree of different effect.

FIVE Most Important Points/Effects You Should Know
  1. Enlargement Effect
  2. Comfort Level
  3. Color Vibrancy Effect (Pop out effect)
  4. Natural Effect
  5. Blending Effect

Enlargement Effect – How big do I want my eyes to look like?

Diameter serves as a good base to understand how big is the circle lens and its coverage to your iris. However, it is the limbal ring, the black outer ring of the lens, contributing to the enlargement effect of a circle lens. Some circle lens has relatively small diameter but their enlargement effect is HUGE thanks to the limbal ring. In short, don’t shop for diameter only, but look at the limbal ring design at the same time.

Comfort Level – How long can I wear circle lens?

Circle lenses have 9-12 months life span once the vial bottle is opened. For daily usage, circle lens can normally last 6 to 8 hours. However, some people do find it tiring/ drying up after few hours. For your information, circle lens has lower water contents than normal contact lens; therefore bring along ‘contact lens eye drop’ to moisture your eyes is essential. The rule of thumb of wearing circle lens, if you feel any pain or discomfort in your eyes, remove them immediately. On top of that, comfort level will deteriorate if the circle lens is badly taken care of as stubborn protein deposits on your lenses. Therefore, some cleaning kits are important. A good hygiene habit will enable the lens to last longer.

Color Vibrancy Effect – Does my eyes pop? Does my eye catch attention?

With the coloring effect, some lens is more noticeable (sharp) than the other in catching attention. Most of the circle lens will show vibrant color if taken with camera flash or under the perfect lighting. A high level of vibrancy means that the lens is very noticeable even in room lighting or natural lighting. Basically, if you are walking on the street, everyone will be looking at you, that’s vibrant lens!

Natural Effect – Does my lens look natural?

Circle lens seldom have all natural, vibrant and enlargement effect at the same time. Lenses with higher level of enlargement effect or vibrancy effect, they are less natural for certain. Please keep in mind when choosing a natural-looking lens, you are best advised to go for lenses without limbal ring or the color is not vibrant, and most importantly, blending well with your natural iris color.

Blending Effect – What lens look best with my natural iris color?

Choose the color of lens which is similar or same to your natural iris color would yield the best result. Some lens comes with yellowish dots surrounding pupils area will help your eyes to blend with the lens especially for brown eyes group. Whereas for light eyes group, lens colors like green, blue, grey or even violet lenses can give good blending effect.

What Lens Look Best On Me?

By now, we hope you have some idea of what effect you are looking for. We have some recommendation in the following,

Top THREE Best Enlargement Effect Lens

Princess Mimi Series

Xxtra Large Barbie Circle Series

Wonder Eye Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Most Comfortable Lens

Super Pinky Series

Max Pure Series

30day Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Best Vibrant Lens

Princess Pinky Twilight Series

Dolly Plus Red

Shinny Series (also known as Puffy 3 Tone)

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Most Natural Lens

Geo Natural Series

G&G Natural 2 Tone Series

G&G A21 Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

PinkyParadise Recommended Lenses

Max pure Series

Hana SPC, Barbie Circle series

G&G Gothic series

Super Pinky

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Best Lenses for Blue Eyes – Customer Choice*

Geo Nudy blue

Pretty Crystal blue

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Top THREE Best Lenses For Green Eyes – Customer Choice*

G&G King Size Circle Aqua

G&G Shinny Aqua (known as Puffy 3 tone)

Princess Mimi Apple Green

Top THREE Best Lenses for Grey Eyes – Customer Choice*

Super Size Angel Grey

G&G Shinny Grey (known as Puffy 3 tone)

GBT Green

Top THREE Best Lenses for Hazel Eyes – Customer Choice*

Max Pure Brown

G&G DM 23

Geo Tri Color Green

Essential Kick Start Items

Multipurpose Solution – Zero Seven

Cleaning Kit - Jitterbug

Contact Lens Eye Drop – Rohto Contact Lens

Cutie Animal Lens Case (Free when purchasing any pair of lenses in PinkyParadise)

We hope you have understood the basic knowledge of selecting a pair circle lens that suit you best. Like people saying, ‘what circle lens you put on will reflect what kind of personalities you are’

Hope this simple guide has helped you made your choice and wish you all have a happy shopping!