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Who Do You Embody?

Now is the time to express yourself! We are all beautifully unique in our own way and
we want to embrace your different personalities!

Introducing our new, premium lenses. The Elemis Series. Designed to amplify your smize!

geo elamis brown colored contacts
geo elamis green colored contacts
geo elamis blue colored contacts
geo elamis grey colored contacts

elamis box


Geo Elamis Series 14.2mm

These lenses have a densely dotted pattern and blended pigmentation that adds just the right amount of shine to brighten your look. The thin and subtle limbal ring around the pupil creates the illusion of depth. with the perfect diameter of the lens, this gives a very subtle enlarging effect making this series to look far more natural than most circle lenses.

elamis circle lens
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Geo Elamis Azul Blue Geo Elamis Azul Blue

3 months

Our Price: $14.90
Geo Elamis Verde Green Geo Elamis Verde Green

3 months

Our Price: $14.90
Geo Elamis Orce Brown Geo Elamis Orce Brown

3 months

Our Price: $14.90
Geo Elamis Cristal Grey Geo Elamis Cristal Grey

3 months

Our Price: $14.90
Elamis Sassy Girl