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Thor - Asgardian and Avenger!

Who doesn't love the God of Thunder?!? Thor has been an amazing character to watch and one of the first original Avengers, aka the original 6! We have seen Thor grow from a irresponsible and selfish egomaniac to a true leader and King. When he returns to fight with the gang in Infinity War, we were all cheering just like Bruce Banner aka The Hulk was. So we KNOW Thor is a popular cosplay character!

Colored Contacts for Thor Cosplay

Handsome Chris Hemsworth also has stunning blue eyes but as Thor, he does change his eyes depending on the different scenarios Thor is in, especially in Thor Ragnarok (cue Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song)! The Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh lenses or the Phantasee Glow UV Electric Blue are perfect for this scene! Want your Thor to have Heimdall's eyes? Don't fret as the Princess Pinky Cosplay Orange Werewolf contacts would be the best!
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