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Toric Circle Lenses

Colored Contacts for Astigmatism aka Toric Circle Lenses

What are Toric Lenses and How are they Different from Regular Lenses?

So you have been told you have a condition called astigmatism and you think you can't wear colored contacts or circle lenses anymore. Here is where you are wrong! Introducing special lenses available called Toric Lenses! They are designed specifically for people who have astigmatism. And don't worry, this is a common condition for people to have!

So what does it mean if you find out you have an astigmatism and how are Toric lenses different? Let's take a look.

Before you get contact lenses to correct your vision, you will need to go to the eye doctor. He or she will quickly tell you if you have this condition. In this case, you'll be prescribed toric lenses if you want to wear colored contacts or circle lenses.

What Makes Toric Lenses Different?

When you look at a toric colored contacts, it is a little bit different from a regular contact lens. There is a thick zone at the bottom of the lens that is there to make sure it doesn't rotate. It's important that the lens is always fitted in the right place. This way light can accurately focus on the retina. Instead of just one power (SPH), they have curves (CYL) at different angles (AXIS).

On the other hand, with regular contact lenses it isn't such a big deal if they shift in place when you blink or look around. This is the biggest difference between the way toric lenses and regular ones are made.

But they have similarities too. Toric colored contact lenses and regular ones too are made from the same materials and can be soft. So which should you choose? Most people find colored toric contact lenses to be more comfortable.


More Details about Colored contact lenses for astigmatism

Toric lenses can sometimes cost a little bit more that regular spherical lenses. Why is this? First of all, it takes an eye care practitioner longer to fit them, so that increases the cost. Also the shape and design of the lens is more complicated.

So what kind of daily care is necessary with toric lenses? You must practice proper care with your lenses and you can find more details in our Wear & Care guide. Wash your hands before handling them. Always inspect lenses before putting them on for tears, folds or lint. It's also important to make sure they're not inside out. Otherwise, you'll experience some discomfort when you put them on.

It is important to regularly clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Most people use a multipurpose solution that rinses, cleans, disinfects and can also be used for storage. You can use the same solution for toric lenses that you would use for regular ones.

Will Wearing Toric Lenses Limit Your Options?

Don't worry if you have astigmatism. It is a pretty common condition. It also shouldn't stop you from wearing any style of contact lens that you want!

Pinky Paradise offers a great selection with plenty of amazing colors that will get you lots of attention. We now have a wide variety of styles available in soft toric lenses.