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Wear & Care Guide {2014}

PinkyParadise loves you so we want you to have a safe and fun experience when using our products. For that, we present to you an easy and complete video guide on how to use and take care of circle lenses!

Learn the proper way to wear and care along this cheeky first time user as she tried to break her lenses out and take out the lenses with a mechanical tool!

PinkyParadise First Ever Commercial Video {2012}

Circle lenses are more than colored contact lens, but they are also fashion trend, confidence booster, and a new way to present yourself.

Lens Brand and Make: G&G King Size Circle Blue


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EOS Fairy Series


How to select circle lens? Want to understand more about effect of circle lens?

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Want to know how to protect your eyes? How to minimize risk of wearing?

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About This Video: This is PinkyParadise first ever commercial video. We hope to tell a story that all girls can make a different and be beautiful in their own way. Be beautiful!