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Alien (Area 51) Colored Contacts

2019 became the year where Area 51 was trending in the makeup world. Beauty Gurus on Instagram such as Sarina Nexie and Sandy Hirales started creating beautiful looks inspired by Area 51 and of course, aliens. Due to aliens and the secret, highly classified naval base in Nevada surrounded by mystery, this led to September 20th 2019 to be the day to storm Area 51. Even famous beauty guru Jeffree Star tweeted about the raid in a funny yet fabulous way. This raid became so popular that a lot of contestants for the Nyx Face Awards created killer #Area51 looks!

Here at PinkyParadise, we want to offer you the best colored contacts and circle lenses that can help to complete your slayed alien looks. The most popular look is with our Princess Pinky Black Sclera circle lenses. If you want to be adventurous and explore different looks, check out Mooselovesu video below transforming into her creative alien look using 5 different colored contacts, including the Princess Pinky Cosplay Avatar Alien lenses.

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Princess Pinky Black Sclera Princess Pinky Black Sclera (With Prescription) [yearly]

Our Price: $79.90
Sale Price: $63.92
(You Save $15.98)

EOS Dolly Eye Violet Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts) EOS Dolly Eye Violet [yearly]

Our Price: $25.90
Sale Price: $15.54
(You Save $10.36)

Princess Pinky Cosplay Avatar Alien Princess Pinky Cosplay Avatar Alien [yearly]

Our Price: $23.90
Sale Price: $14.34
(You Save $9.56)

Mooselovesyou video