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Elsa Frozen Cosplay Contacts

Elsa may have lived in fear her whole life but she did it with poise and elegance. Her magic powers to create snow and ice is a beautiful power but also deadly. Yet even though the fear kept her locked away for years, she finally learnt to embrace who she is and defeat her fear to become the great Snow Queen!

With Frozen 2 releasing in 2019, Disney fans and cosplayers are excited to bring Elsa back to life! Be as powerful as Elsa whilst wearing any of our top featured lenses below, such as the EOS Ice Blue and Super Blue colored contacts. Create your favorite Frozen character today! Join in everyone...Let it go, Let it go!

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Blue contacts, Blue cosplay contacts, Blue colored contacts Super Blue [yearly]

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Blue Colored Contacts, Blue cosplay contacts lens, Sailor Moon eye, Ciel Phantomhive EOS Dolly Eye Blue [yearly]

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SKy Blue colored contacts, Light Blue contacts, Sky color contact lenses G&G GBT Sky [yearly]

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EOS Ice Blue Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts) EOS Ice Blue [yearly]

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