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Korea's first natural brand and got-to for beauty lovers!

Starting in Jeju Island located at the southern peninsula of Korea was where Innisfree was born. Designated by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, World Biosphere Reserve, and Global Geopark site, Jeju created a unique ecosystem for the brand, whereby they started to cultivate their natural ingredients organically. Starting with Green tea, Innisfree went on to hand-pick over 15 key natural ingredients on the island that were specific in containing properties that were the best for our skin and developed an extensive range of different skincare and cosmetic products. Their hard work, ethics and vision has helped them to become the number 1 beauty brand in Korea!

Giving us fantastic products such as the Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam, Green Tea Cleansing Foam, Skinny Microcara and the unique Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask where they have invented 'Multi-Masking' using different types of masks specifically designed for your skin needs.

Being the go-to brand for beauty lovers around the world, shop for your Innisfree products today!