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Phantasee Contact Lens and Colored Contacts

We have 3 Series in the Phantasee Contact Lenses range, which included Phantasee Sclera Series with all 22mm and 6 months disposable sclera lens, the crazy lenses effect very suitable for Halloween make up or costume. We have many sclera lenses that able to match with your cosplay character like Tokyo Ghoul or ghost cosplay. Phantasee Vivid series is a series of 3 months color contact lens, it included 5 colors like Phantasee Vivid Green (Suitable for Kim Possible cosplay), vivid brown, vivid blue, vivid violet and vivid grey. Phantasee Glow UV Series has a range of beautiful vibrant colors lenses with14.0mm diameter, it is perfect for special effect make up!

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Phantasee Vivid Blue Fancy Lenses Phantasee Vivid Blue [3 months]

3 Months

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