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Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Moon Cosplay Contacts

Chibiusa, or also known as Rini, is a cute trainee that has the power to emit extreme energy from the crescent moon symbol that appears on her forehead. She takes many aspects and forms throughout the Sailor Moon series, most famous being under a spell by Wiseman, the Black Lady. Traveling to the past to seek help from the Guardians, she later returns a few years later to be trained by Sailor Moon herself, and becomes a Solider herself; becoming Sailor Chibi Moon.

When Chibiusa was born there was a June’s full moon, known as the strawberry moon. The strawberry moon affected the Silver Crystal and its energy, which dyed Chibiusa’s hair and eyes. Have stunning red eyes like Chibiusa with the Super Bright Red colored contacts or one of our stunning Venus Eye colors, both Bright Red and Wine Red would suit this popular cosplay.

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