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 Uris Generic Colored Contacts on Dark Eyes Uris Genetic Collection By pinkyparadise

Discover a new way to colored contact with Uris Genetic

With eye looks front and center this year, we're focused on bringing revolutionary contacts that transform and enhance our eyes. True to its name. Uris Genetic is the lenses that take realistic contacts up a notch. With its hyper-realistic iris crypt and furrow design to mimic the appearance of light eyes, our Uris Genetic series like your own eyes — just a little more mesmerizing. Available in 4 colors, you can now go ahead and flaunt your eyes that will have everyone thinking you were born this way with this best contact lens for dark eyes.

The most realistic colored contact lenses on Dark Brown eyes

The best natural colored contacts for dark eyes

If you are thinking where I can buy the most natural contacts for dark eyes with prescription, we got you with Our Uris Genetic Series that won’t disappoint on even the darkest eyes. You can now get clear vision and captivating eyes at the same time.

Specification of Uris Genetic Colored Contacts


Model wearing uris genetic grey colored contacts on brown eyes

Genetic Grey

Genetic Grey has a unique grey violet blue hue with hints of beige in the center that instantly add that OMG! factor to your eyes but still leaves your eye looking as natural as it looks.

Close up effect of Uris Genetic grey colored contacts on dark brown eyes
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Model wearing uris genetic blue colored contacts

Genetic Blue

Associated with both beauty and coldness! Genetic Blue has a deep blue shade with beige hues in the middle that create the illusion of depth as well as mimicking the appearance of true blue eyes, we’re legit obsessed!

Close up effect of Natural blue colored contacts on brown eyes
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Model wearing uris genetic green colored contacts on dark brown eyes

Genetic Green

With the warm shade of green along with hints of grey hues in an ultra-realistic iris design, Genetic Green lights up and softly defines your eyes with a legit light eye transformation that looks natural on everyone.

Close up effect of realistic green color contacts on dark brown eyes
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Model wearing uris genetic brown colored contacts on light brown eyes

Genetic Brown

Genetic Brown has a grey-blend sandy-brown shade along with the realistic iris design and beige tones in the center that instantly add warmth and depth, giving your eyes a real wow! factor with minimum effort.

Close up effect of best brown colored contact lens on dark brown eyes
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In Action!

Uris was made for all: for individuals of all personalities, attitudes, cultures, colors and personal styles, a brand that embraces diversity and empowers individuals to express their own sense of style.

Uris exclusive contact lens brand of PinkyParadise
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Uris Genetic Grey Uris Genetic Grey [yearly]

Our Price: $26.90
Sale Price: $18.83
(You Save $8.07)

Uris Genetic Blue Uris Genetic Blue [yearly]

Our Price: $26.90
Sale Price: $18.83
(You Save $8.07)

Uris Genetic Brown Uris Genetic Brown [yearly]

Our Price: $26.90
Sale Price: $18.83
(You Save $8.07)
Uris Genetic Green Uris Genetic Green [yearly]

Our Price: $26.90
Sale Price: $18.83
(You Save $8.07)