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Providing fashionable, best quality colored contact lenses & Circle Lenses and Asian beauty products since 2006.

We're committed to offer the widest range of colored contacts around the globe by providing trend-led, innovative beauty products to the highest quality. Loved by many cosplayers, beauty gurus, bloggers, and leading influencers, trusted by many users worldwide have made us becoming one of the hottest and trustworthy beauty brands on the market.

Pinkyparadise redefined the beauty trend by bringing in the “circle lenses” and they're quickly becoming a major trend. With the innovation in contact lens technologies, colored lenses are getting more realistic-looking. And now, color contact lens has become one of the elements of trendy fashion. From the big eyes circle lenses and korean contact lenses for the dramatic enlarging effect, until today, the colored contact lens can be worn by many for a more natural and complete eye color change.

With more than 900 types of colored contacts in stock, PinkyParadise.com has become a go-to worldwide shopping destination for today's most on-trend and edgy circle contact lenses. PinkyParadise isn't just limited to colored contact lenses, our product range has grown to include wigs, glasses, Asian beauty products, catering to customer who loves to transform their looks and enhance eye makeup. Your eyes speak with PinkyParadise.

FAQ About Colored Contact Lenses

Questions about colored contact lenses? Find answers to frequently asked questions about cosmetic contact lenses.

  1. What are colored contacts?
    Colored contacts allow you to change your eye color in ways that are subtle, bold, or anywhere in between and this could be for everyday wear or for special occasions. You can find these lenses in a wide range of colors, ranging from natural eye colors, like blue, green brown and gray, to novelty colors, like purple, pink, white and red. If you're new to the world of colored contact lenses, you'd be forgiven for finding the terms prescription colored contacts and non-prescription colored contact lenses a little confusing.
    Here we'll go over what the differences are.
    Non-prescription colored contacts change your eye color only without offering any level of vision correction. These are also called plano colored contacts. If you have 20/20 vision and want to get into character for a cosplay, Halloween or any event, or just change your eye color for fun, non prescription colored contact lenses are a good option for those looking to change their eye color but who don't need vision correction.
    Prescription colored contacts change your eye color and help correct any vision issues you may have, including myopia and astigmatism. If you have myopia (nearsightedness), which affects your vision, you will need prescription contact lenses with a desired tint to provide greater visual acuity and eye color change.
    If you are looking for coloured contacts that can both widening and coloring the eye's iris, circle lenses will give you a bold statement that effectively enlarges the appearance of your eye. Made with a thick black limbal ring which appears to widen the size of your iris, circle lenses were designed to give your eyes an alluring look but also maximize big eye effect. Unlike circle style lenses with eye-enlarging effect, regular coloured contacts feature a more natural outer rim, which subtly changes the color of the iris. But regardless of which type of colored contacts you want to get, a professional fitting and a contact lens prescription from a licensed eye doctor is always required.
  2. Where can I get colored contacts?
    Colored contact lenses can be both affordable and convenient to order. You can buy colored contacts from your optometrist or online with a valid prescription. Many people prefer ordering contacts online as you can explore an extensive option at bargain prices, plus it's much more convenient and delivered right to your doorstep. But, be sure to always go for a trusted provider for eye contacts to ensure your comfort and safety.
    For more than a decade, PinkyParadise has been the ultimate reputable one-stop shop for affordable, quality non-prescription and prescription colored contacts, circle lenses, anime and cosplay colored contacts and toric colored contact lenses for astigmatism in a variety of brands, colors, diameters and effects. With over 900 designs of colored lenses at affordable prices, you can safely buy contact lenses online for vision correct, cosmetics and cosplay purpose with free and fast delivery at PinkyParadise. Worldwide shipping is free when you spend $49+.
  3. Can you use color contacts even if you have perfect vision?
    Anyone can decide to wear colored contacts for cosmetic and cosplay purposes, even if they do not need corrective lenses. At Pinkyparadise, we stock over 900+ design of non prescription colored contacts (plano color contacts). All of our contact lenses are available with no prescription that doesn't correct vision at all. This means you can have perfect vision and still use colored lenses for cosmetic purpose or different kinds of occasion like Halloween, and cosplay convention.
  4. Why do people use colored lenses?
    As contact lenses become more common and affordable, many people are converting from glasses to colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses provide the best of both worlds: clear vision, along with stunning eye appearance. Colored contacts can be a more interesting alternative to regular clear contact lenses. These kinds of lenses are designed to completely change or enhance your natural eye color and are available to fit most kinds of prescriptions for vision correction. Color contact lenses allows you to play with color, giving you room to be creative and achieve any look that you desire. If you have dark eyes, you can easily turn your eyes into green with a pair of green colored contacts. Those who do find a pair of colored contacts that work for them can experience a more attractive appearance, carefree vision, and the confidence that comes with seeing the world clearly.
  5. Are colored contacts safe?
    Yes, colored contacts are totally safe to wear, as long as your contact lenses are properly fitted, worn and cared for. To stay safe when shopping for colored contacts, you should never buy from unreliable sources with counterfeit or unapproved colored contact lenses from China. It's essential for contact lens wearers to consult with your eye doctor for a contact lens eye exam to ensure your color contacts are safely prescribed and fitted by your eye doctor.
    At PinkyParadise, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, safest care for every customer. We only source colored lenses imported from Korea with international health certifications that recognize the conformity of our product standard, with the minimum being a KFDA approved, CE, KGMP and ISO, so you can rest assured of the quality and safety of our soft contact lenses. PinkyParadise has implemented RX prescription to ensure the lenses you are getting from our site are safe and properly fitted.
  6. Are contact lenses expensive?
    The cost of color contact lens can vary, depending on the disposable types and styles. At PinkyParadise, the price of regular prescription and non-prescription lenses are the same. You can get colored eye contacts at PinkyParadise for as low as $11.90. We stock a huge selection of yearly contacts which we think it's the most cost-efficient type of contact lens and our yearly disposable lenses can range anywhere between $18.90 and $26.90. Specialty lenses like toric colored contacts for astigmatism and sclera lenses usually cost more as there is more work involved in making the lenses.
  7. What contact lenses should I get?
    You need not worry if you are having a hard time finding the best colored contacts for you. We rounded up the most popular colored contacts loved by our customers on PinkyParadise all in our best sellers section. From best colored contacts for dark brown eyes to light eyes, here are the top-rated lens styles to shop now.
    Besides, the best contact lenses for you depend on many factors, including your visual, lifestyle, and personal needs. If you're someone with a busy and active lifestyle, daily contacts are the easiest, most convenient, and most comfortable option of contact lenses that fit your lifestyle. However, the price can be higher due to having to purchase more lenses frequently. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, monthly and yearly disposable coloured contacts can be more cost-effective but should be cleaned often so that no infections occur.
  8. How old do you have to be to wear coloured contacts?
    The truth is there's no set age as to when one is ready to wear contact lenses. On average, many eye care professionals begin to encourage contact lens wear between the age of 11-13. You must first understand how to wear and take care of contacts in the proper manner. We advise you to see an eye doctor and make sure to follow your eye doctor's advice about contact lens wear and hygiene. Want to know lens care 101 for beginners? We've got your face covered with this comprehensive wear & care guide.
  9. What are the best coloured contact lenses for dark eyes?
    For people with dark brown eyes, choosing the best colored contacts that cover dark eyes well may be a challenge. We all end up buying an uncountable number of bright colour contacts based on products' photos on the internet in the hopes of being freed from them, but only a few actually work. If you want to make your dark eyes pop, go for lenses with opaque tints. PinkyParadise offers a collection of lenses designed specifically for dark eyes in wide array of color, so you can get those bright and vivid eyes you've been craving! Try our Princess Pinky Frosty Series or Princess Pinky Eurasia Series, you will be amazed how well they work on dark eyes.
  10. Which blue colored contacts are best for brown eyes?
    If you're looking for bright blue colored contacts that truly pop but are still wearable, Princess Pinky Eurasia Aqua Blue will not disappoint with its intense pigmentation that will cover even the darkest eye. If you want a vivid blue for your cosplay, look no further than Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Blue. Featuring a striking blue color with defined limbal ring, these blue lenses can bring out the best of your cosplay look. For a more natural choice, our Uris Polaris Blue lenses with an extremely natural finish mimicking the color of the real light iris will give your eyes a total transformation that will be sure to make a few heads turn. If you are looking for something in between, Princess Pinky Sensual Blue contacts is perfect for a noticeable change and not over the top.
  11. Which colored contacts are the most comfortable?
    At PinkyParadise, we pride ourselves on the comfort, quality and safety of our products. We stock a wide selection of soft contact lenses that are generally more comfortable to wear, even if you have dry eyes or astigmatism. These lenses will stay moist and help your eyes stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. If you experience problems with discomfort and dry eye, you may want to try silicone-based hydrogel contact lenses like our Princess Pinky Moonstone Series, Princess Pinky Eurasia Series. Silicone hydrogels are an advanced type of soft lens that combines enhanced oxygen permeability with water content that helps keep your eyes feeling moisturized by transmitting up to five times more oxygen as well as absorbing more water far better than regular hydrogel contacts.
  12. Can I get Colored contacts for astigmatism?
    Yes! Color contact lenses for astigmatism require a more sophisticated lens design to align astigmatic correction properly and keep the lens from rotating on the eye. If you have astigmatism, chances are you have a difficult time finding colored contact lenses in trendy design. Fret not, at PinkyParadise, we have curated a wide selection of toric lenses in different styles, color and designs that are specifically designed to address issues related to astigmatism. From natural toric colored contacts, to vibrant toric colored contacts for cosplay or even clear toric lenses, there's something for everyone. Our Uris and Princess Pinky toric line are colored contact lenses designed specifically for people who suffer from astigmatism.
  13. Can I still wear regular contact lenses with astigmatism?
    You can still wear regular colored contact lenses for cosmetic reasons only if you have only mild astigmatism. We do not recommend it if your level of astigmatism is high. We recommend toric lenses as these lenses can rectify astigmatism. The main difference between these and regular lenses is the design as regular lenses have just one power, but toric lenses have two: one for distance vision and one for astigmatism. If you have a very low degree of cylinder (amount of astigmatism), you might be able to get by with regular colored contacts. However, if the visual compromise is too great, consult your doctor so you can be fitted with a lens that takes both prescriptions into account.
  14. Can anyone wear colored contact lenses?
    While wearing colored contacts are a valid option for most, but they aren't suitable for everyone.
    You may not be a good candidate for contact lens wear if you have one of the following conditions:
    • Dry Eye Syndrome
    • Severe Eye Allergies
    • Blepharitis
    • Repeated Eye Infection
    • Special vision problem
    If you have either of these conditions, discuss them with your eye doctor prior to your contact lens fitting and they will make the determination whether you're eligible for contact lenses.
  15. How long can you wear contacts?
    The typical recommendation is to wear colored contact lenses for up to a maximum of 8 hours per day. It's important to note and not exceed the wearing period of your lenses.
  16. How to take care of contact lenses?
    To prolong the lifespan of your lenses, you should always wash your hands prior to handling lenses. Be sure to rub and rinse your contact lenses and store them in fresh multipurpose solution after each use. Store your contact lenses in the proper lens storage case and replace the case at least every three months. Another way that you can take special care to clean your lenses is by deep cleaning your lenses with lens cleaning tools like Frog Auto Lens Cleaner or manual cleaning tool like Mini Rotary Contact Lens Cleaner to help maintain contact lens comfort and durability. Here's our wear and care guide to your contact lens maintenance.
  17. Is it safe to wear contact lenses every day?
    It's safe to wear contact lenses daily as long as you follow proper lens hygiene procedures and do not wear them for long periods of time. It's always recommended to remove your contact lenses as early in the evening as possible to give your eyes a chance to breathe without lenses in. If your contacts start to get uncomfortable any time of the day, take them out as soon as possible and give your eyes a rest. It's important to note and not exceed the wearing period of your lenses.
  18. Are contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions the same?
    Contact lens prescription and glass prescription do have a difference. Due to their distance from your eyes, glasses sit slightly away from your eyes, and contact lenses sit directly on your eyes so the lens power can actually go slightly lower than your glasses' power. If you want to wear both contact lenses and eyeglasses, you will need two separate prescriptions. When considering buying colored contact lenses online, visiting an eye doctor is the easiest way to stay connected to your eye prescription information.
  19. How many uses do I get out of a pair of coloured contacts?
    It depends on the type of disposable contacts you choose. Most of our lenses are yearly disposable where they can be worn daily, up to a year with proper care. Both monthly or yearly contact lenses are worn for the day and then cleaned and stored at night. For daily contact lenses, they must be discarded at the end of each day without exception.
  20. What are the most natural-looking color contact lenses?
    If you prefer natural coloured contact lenses, you may consider choosing lenses with no limbal ring as this dark outer rim around the iris can make a huge difference to your eyes. Lenses that are made without a noticeable limbal ring give your eyes a more subtle, blended look with no or minimal enlargement, so you can change your eye colour without enlarging your eyes. While many of our collections are designed to give a natural finish, the Princess Pinky Lumiere series and Uris Arctic Series are a perfect alternative as they do not feature a limbal ring which means the effect is very realistic and natural.
  21. What are the most realistic looking contacts?
    Our natural series like Uris Arctic and Uris Polaris collections have been designed to offer the most natural look on the market, even on the darkest eye colour. For colored contact lenses that look extremely real on brown eyes, our Uris Genetic series can change your eye color with its hyper-realistic iris crypt and furrow design to mimic the appearance of light eyes.
  22. What is a good brand for colored contacts?
    Discover our selection of the best colored contact lens brands on PinkyParadise. We're proud to introduce the fan-favorite colored contact lens brands, Princess Pinky and Uris. From natural colored contacts to anime cosplay lenes, our in-house brands have managed to create a great and wide selection of affordable and high-quality lenses. Shop the best colored contacts by brands at PinkyParadise and find the perfect lenses for your daily routine or cosplay needs.
  23. Where can I get colored contacts for Halloween?
    It's that time of year again. If you're planning the perfect Halloween costume to get you ready for the spooky season, you can rely on us for the creepiest Halloween eye contacts to complete your look. At Pinkyparadise, we carry a huge selection of costume lenses and prescription halloween contacts that will surely amp up the scare factor of your Halloween look. From scary bloody red contact lenses to spooky whiteout lenses, you can get all types of special effect lenses like zombie contact lenses, vampire contact lenses or 22mm sclera lenses at great low prices.
  24. Do you need colored contacts to cosplay?
    You don't necessary need colored contacts for cosplay but for many cosplayers, it completes the costume and can turn your cosplay from good to amazing. Devoted cosplayers know the importance of colored contacts to replicate character's entire look. Colored contacts are a great finishing touch to pull the look together, they also have the ability to give your costume with an extra oomph. Many anime characters have huge eyes and unique eye color like yellow, red or even characters with Heterochromia, and this is achievable only with a pair of colored contact lenses. So if you're all about levelling up your cosplay game, you will definitely want to consider adding cosplay colored contacts to your arsenal. At PinkyParadise, not only do we carry a variety of cosplay colored contacts inspired by your favorite movie, manga and anime characters, you can also find the uniquely designed style such as Sharingan contacts for characters like Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi.
  25. Where to buy colored contacts for cosplay?
    Colored contact lenses have been commonly used by many cosplayers to elevate their cosplay game and they can definitely make your cosplay look much cooler and put together. PinkyParadise has been a largest and trusted site to buy colored contacts online since 2006 and has continued to increase the lens collection to suit different cosplay. We have over 900+ styles of colored contacts to choose from and have a massive cosplay collection even with prescription option available. No matter what cosplay character you would want to portray, you will surely find the perfect lenses to add the perfect final touch to your costume. We have also come out with 2 exclusive cosplay series, Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Series and Lunar Earth series, which are the perfect contact lenses for anime and manga characters.
  26. Where can I get Cosplay Coloured Contact Lenses for Comic Con and cosplay convention?
    Getting ready for your next comic con or anime convention? Then I bet you're currently looking for a pair of colored contact lenses to go with your cosplay. Well, you've come to the right place. PinkyParadise is one of the largest colored contacts store to shop the best cosplay colored contacts online. From bloody red contacts to sparking manga eyes, we carry huge variety of anime and cosplay colored contacts which will bring your costume to life! Finishing touches like eye color are important in a convention. If you're all about making your cosplay look good and professional at a cosplay event, you will immediately look more put together and stand out at a convention with the right pair of colored contacts for your cosplay. Plus, express shipping is available on our site so you can get your cosplay contacts just in time for your cosplay con.
  27. Can you get prescription colored contacts for cosplay?
    You can get colored contacts for cosplay with or without vision correction. Colored contacts is a perfect addition for you to get close to the character, which allow you to mimicking a character's entire look — which includes eye color and design. As world's leading online colored contact shop for cosplay, we carry a variety of prescription cosplay colored contact lenses for all cosplayers at an affordable price. So you can experience clear vision and enjoy the fun of cosplay with our cosplay contacts at the same time. If you wonder where to get colored contacts for cosplay, we ship worldwide to nearly every country across the globe with standard shipping and express shipping where possible.
  28. How much does cosplay contacts cost?
    Cosplay on a tight budget? You don't have to break the bank to get colored contacts for cosplay at PinkyParadise. PinkyParadise is committed to delivering an abundance of top-quality colored contacts at affordable prices. You can get cosplay contacts here for as low as $11.90. We all understand that cosplay can get expensive, but you don't have to break the bank on cosplay lenses for quality cosplay costumes. Most of our lenses are yearly disposable which range anywhere between $18.90 to $26.90. We consider yearly lenses as most wallet-friendly type of contact lens as they can be used for one year with proper care.
  29. Where to buy colored contact lenses?
    PinkyParadise is one of the most well-known sites when it comes to shopping for colored contact lenses. If you are thinking to change your eye color for cosmetics purposes with fake eye contacts, you can shop the widest range of prescription and non-prescription color contact lenses in huge array of colors with PinkyParadise. From natural color to dramatic style, you can easily switch your eyes to whatever color you would like with our wide selection of eye contact lens choices. Plus, we proudly ship worldwide with standard shipping and express shipping where possible. Get free standard delivery when you spend over $49.
  30. What's the difference between colored contacts and regular contact lenses?
    Basically, colored contacts are the same as regular ones. There's nothing really different about colored contact lenses, except they have color. If you are used to wearing regular contacts, you'll be totally fine handling colored contact lenses.
  31. Do colored contacts affect your eyes?
    Color eye contacts are safe to wear just like your regular contact lenses, provided that you do not overwear them, take proper care and use them as recommended by your eye doctor. Here's our wear and care guide to handling contact lenses. To make sure you're getting safe colored eye contacts, only buy from a reputable site and vendor that require a prescription. When it comes to something as important as your eyesight, it is important to prioritize quality over price. Cheap colored contact lenses from AliExpress and Alibaba are easily accessible, without a prescription, however it is simply not worth risking your vision or eye health with unsafe contacts from unauthorized vendors.
  32. How long do cosmetic color contact lenses last in an unopened package?
    All colored contact lenses will have an expiration date clearly printed on the packaging. A new lens will typically last about 3-5 years before it expires. You should never wear a lens that has expired.
  33. How long is Pinkyparadise shipping?
    Standard delivery can still take around 21-30 business days, Express delivery can still take around 2-5 business days. Sometimes it may take more time depending on the location, the type of shipping method used and peak periods. Visit our Shipping Page for all the shipping methods, charges and delivery times for your destination.
  34. Can Pinkyparadise ship to USA and worldwide?
    PinkyParadise does ship internationally including the USA. We also ship to Europe, Canada, Singapore Australia , United Kingdom (you name it!) and many more countries with multiple delivery services, including DHL Express, UPS, TNT, Aramex and FedEx Priority. Standard shipping is free on orders over $49 - no coupon code needed. Check out our Shipping Page for all the shipping methods, charges and delivery times for your destination.
  35. Are colored contacts reusable?
    Most of our color contact lenses are yearly disposables which means you can wear the same pair of yearly contacts each day for a whole year. You can reuse these coloured contact lenses during the day, remove, clean and store them in a clean lens case with contact lens care solution each night.
  36. Are pinkyparadise contacts safe?
    Yes, PinkyParadise lenses are absolutely safe to wear as we take quality assurance and product safety very seriously. We insist on the quality and safety of our products and will only source high quality non-prescription and prescription cosmetic color contact lenses imported from South Korea that have been approved and certified as safe by Korea FDA, CE, KGMP, and ISO, so you can rest assured that all PinkyParadise coloured contacts you buy are totally safe for your eyes. To make sure the lenses you are getting from our site will fit properly, we have implemented a RX verification system to make sure every lens purchase is safe and suitable for your eyes.
  37. Is is safe to order from PinkyParadise?
    Yes, PinkyParadise is a reputable online colored contact store that ships anywhere around the world. For over 15 years, PinkyParadise has served more than 500k customers, making us a go-to destination for the trendiest colored contact lenses at great prices. From natural colored contacts to vivid cosplay contacts, we have the widest selection of contact lens styles you can possibly find along with outstanding online customer support to make your shopping experience convenient, easy, and hassle-free.
    If you ever need help with any of your orders, you can always contact us here.
  38. Can you wear contacts straight from the package?
    For monthly or yearly colored lenses, it is essential to soak your new contact lenses for at least six hours with fresh multipurpose solution in order to fully neutralize the peroxide solution in the package. You may feel a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes if you do not properly disinfect your lenses for the first use. For Daily disposable contact lenses. they are safe to be worn straight from the packaging.
  39. Can I used a dried out contact?
    Contact lenses dry out when they are left to dehydrate. If your lens is dried up, we recommend throwing them away and use a new one as dried out lens might have a chance to form small cracks, tears, scratches on the lens. Even though you may be tempted to reuse the lenses, risking your vision or eye health is not worth the few saved bucks because your vision is one of your most precious of senses. To treat the risk of complications and infection is likely to cost more and result in far more inconvenience than replacing a new pair of contact lenses.
  40. Do contacts lenses hurt?
    No, contact lenses should not hurt. The insertion, removal and wearing of contact lenses is easy and painless, it is just a matter of practice. Contact lenses may feel a little uncomfortable as your eyes adjust, especially when you first get them, but they should never hurt. If you still experience eye pain or discomfort, chances are, the lenses are probably inside-out or in some rare cases, it might be defected. If these conditions are present, please take it out and inspect the lenses closely.
  41. Do colored contacts change the color you see?
    No, colored contact lenses only alter the part of your eye known as the iris. Generally, color contacts will have a transparent pupil hole in the center so that your vision is not altered. For certain styles of color contact lenses like mesh contacts that cover your pupil for a whiteout effect, your vision will be impaired slightly in order to create the intended special effect.
  42. Can contacts get lost in your eye?
    That's not possible for your contact lens to get trapped behind your eye or completely lost in your eye. Contact lenses can only go as far as the crease in the conjunctiva, underneath your upper eyelid, and can't move off the front surface of your eye. Contact lenses can sometimes become a little stuck, most often when you've rubbed your eyes. If this happens, you can usually find the lens by adding a few contact lens drops to your eye and then gently massaging your eyelid with your eye closed.
  43. Can I put a contact lens into my eye after dropping it?
    Not without disinfecting your contact lens first. Contact lenses must be completely sterile before insertion. If you drop a lens, you need to rinse it thoroughly with the solution before use. Be sure to inspect the contact lens for any tears, chips in the edge or scratches on the lenses prior to insertion. If the contact lens is damaged in any way, it's not safe to continue wearing.
  44. Can I wear eye makeup if I wear contact lenses?
    Contact lenses should always be put in first before you start applying your makeup. This way, you avoid the risk of getting makeup particles on them as there are chances of makeup coming in contact with your lenses if you apply your makeup first. Be sure to always wash your hands before handling lenses.
  45. Can I sleep in my contact lenses?
    You should never sleep in contact lenses unless they are specifically designed for extended wear. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping can deprive your eyes of oxygen and it will also cause eye dryness, red and irritate eyes as well as other risks of eye infections. If you do fall asleep with contacts in, remove them as soon as you can, and let your eye recover for at least a day before putting them on again.
  46. What is there mold on my contact lenses? What can I do and can we reuse the lenses?
    Improper storage will lead to mold contamination regardless any type and brand of lenses. Improper sterilization and disinfection of contact lenses as well as contaminated contact lens case or lens solution are also factors that contribute to fungal contamination of contact lenses. Molds are also more likely to appear in humid environments, such as the rainy season. The air in the rainy season is relatively humid, and mold is easy to grow and spread in the lens case containing the solution. If this happens, the lenses should no longer be worn. You should toss your contact lenses immediately and do not put them back in your eyes. To prevent mold contamination, the lens case should be rinsed and cleaned often. Be sure to replace and always use fresh solution. Contact lens cleaner is also a good way to keep your contact lenses clean and prevent contamination and infection. It is best not to put it in the bathroom because it is easy to get moldy when wet, so store your lenses in a cool and dry place. And lastly, replace contact lens case regularly.
  47. How can I tell if my colored contacts are inside out?
    It can be challenging to tell if your contact lenses are inside out. If you're already wearing your colored contact lenses, and they feel uncomfortable, move around more or like you have something stuck in your eye, they may be inside out. It won't do any damage to your eye but it can be an uncomfortable experience. There are two easy ways to tell if your contact lens is inside out, look at the shape of the contact lens, it should form a perfect cup-shape with the edge perfectly upright, or squeeze the lens between your thumb and finger as if you are about to fold it in half, the edges of the contact should roll inwards that somewhat resemble a taco. For some colored contacts, the side with more visible tint and darker outer rim indicates that the lens is correctly positioned whereas a faded or lighter tint suggests that the lens needs to be reversed.
  48. How do I get PinkyParadise coupon code?
    Looking for cheap colored contacts online? Discover trendy colored contacts at affordable prices with PinkyParadise's sale! Another simple way of saving at PinkyParadise is simply signing up for our newsletter, which gives you access to huge discounts that are exclusive to new members. Throughout the year, PinkyParadise also offers a variety of sales and promotions where you can save money on your order.
  49. What are good contact lens brands?
    The best contacts brands to wear are Air Optix, FreshLook, SofLens and Biofinity. All these top contact lens brands are available on pinkyparadise.com in different styles and colors like Freshlook colored contacts. You can purchase them with or without vision correction.
  50. Is Pinkyparadise legit?
    PinkyParadise.com, founded in 2006, is a legit site with over 15 years of experience selling colored contacts and circle lenses. Loved by many cosplayers, beauty gurus, and leading influencers, trusted by many users worldwide have made PinkyParadise become one of the most-trusted sources for finding the widest selection of color contact lenses with or without prescription.
  51. Find Colored Contacts near me?
    Looking for colored contacts that ship to your area? You've come to the right place for all your prescription colored contact lens needs. We carry the widest selection of lenses and offer standard and expedited shipping to almost all countries around the world with standard and express delivery. Now you can buy colored contact lenses online from PinkyParadise for reliable, fast, and convenient service.