Printing Partner

PinkyParadise is thrilled to partner up with FlipChap that have expertise in print related areas as our authorized printing partner for brochures, flyers, business card and other printing needs in all kinds of materials. FlipChap is a company dedicated to creating handcrafted photo book and boxes, which has been providing fully customization options with the highest quality printing. Thanks to our partnership with expert bookmaker, FlipChap has the capabilities to turn every work into a thing of beauty.

FlipChap offers complete line of photo book products and shipped worldwide. FlipChap has a range of hardcover, layflat, and softcover photobook suitable for any occasion. Each handcrafted photo books are available in 3 orientations: landscape, square and portrait. Under each book type, there are different kinds of cover materials including leatherette, fabric and linen to choose from. You could choose to have a Classic hardcover or layflat book which feature color linen cover, a Leatherette hardcover or layflat that wrapped in luxurious leatherette, a Printed hardcover, layflat book with your image printed on book cover or a softcover that has a magazine-like quality. With seamless lay-flat binding, the layflat photobook has no disruptive gutters which show off full panoramic spreads beautifully over two pages, ideal for creating your own wedding album, wedding guest book or travel photobook. From cover finishing, paper selection, presentation box to cover thickness, every detail is customizable to suit your personal preference.

Other than photo book, FlipChap also creates handmade boxes to store prints, photobook, album or anything else you wish. Each box is individually handmade and customizable with array of linen and fabric materials carefully selected by our skilled artisans. Box sizes can be crafted to fit any kind of book. These personalized bespoke boxes are not only the ultimate solution for protecting your special memories, but also provide an aesthetically pleasing presentation of the product. So, whether you're looking for lift off lid boxes, flip top boxes or slipcase, FlipChap has what you need to beautifully accommodate your contents. You could choose to have a Modern Flip Box, an Artisan Lift box or a Flexi Slip case. The durable construction of the box and its unique color combo are perfect as an elegant keepsake, memories box or even a unique gift for anyone.