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What is the Inverted Makeup Challenge?

The latest trend that has his the beauty scene! Make up artist and beauty gurus on Instagram started to create their own Inverted Makeup look in March 2019 and it has become a great challenge to do for beauty gurus on their social media. Started by @lithunium.snow on Instagram, who got this original concept by @patyna_makeup. It looks like the photo has been inverted but it is actually all makeup! How talented are these muas!! This viral challenge is now being pick up all around the social media platforms. Many have done the make up challenge in YouTube such as NikkieTutorials and Instagram artists like @abbyrobertsartistry. Truly amazing art!

Get a pair of Colored Contact Lens

One of the essential elements in the Inverted Makeup look is the eye color. You can edit your eye color but how cool would it be to have your friends see your work of art in person! Colored contacts will help to give your eyes that inverted flip! PinkyParadise offers a wide range of colored contacts in different colors for your needs.

Below is some of the recommended colored contacts and circle lenses for this make up look.
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Princess Pinky Eurasia Crystal Grey Princess Pinky Eurasia Crystal Grey [monthly]


Our Price: $11.90
Sale Price: $9.52
(You Save $2.38)

White colored contacts, white contacts, Zombie, Hinata Hyuga, Storm (X-men), Scorpion from mortal combat, Ghost, demon Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh (With Prescription) [yearly]

Our Price: $23.90
Sale Price: $14.34
(You Save $9.56)

Princess Pinky White Out Sclera Princess Pinky White Out Sclera [yearly]

Our Price: $79.90
Sale Price: $63.92
(You Save $15.98)