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Special Effects Glow UV Colored Contacts

Want something bold and unique? Our range of glow colored contacts goes the extra mile to create truly impressive glowing eyes. With these UV colored contacts, there is absolutely no way you will go un-noticed when you hit the night club, party, concert or music festivals. These lenses make your eyes glow brightly under UV light, making them ideal for ravers who like nothing more than to rock and roll all night under the black light! Not only do these UV contact lenses look cool during the night, but it will still look bright and great without UV activation during the day for a change of eye color. If you wonder what to wear to a Halloween Costume Party that will stand out from the crowd, then these glow in the dark contacts will definitely do the job to scare the piss out of somebody at your next party. The Phantasee Glow UV Series features a variety of shades that'll leave party rocker pleased. No matter what color your eyes are, you can definitely rock these cool glowing contact lenses confidently.